ACR Interior Design Services

In Raleigh or RTP area Consultation
Usually, a one hour meeting, preferably at the project site, is adequate to discuss your creative needs as well as assess the size and budget of the project. After the consult, a detailed budget and schedule for the scope of work will be presented for your consideration. Generally, we work on an hourly as needed basis but will also consider a “flat-fee” budget for larger scope projects. To schedule an appointment email or fill out the contact us form! We would love to connect with you to find out how we can best service you.
Interior Design Phone Consultation
We’ll schedule phone dates to answer questions about the design, follow up on installation, or to give you some tips and tricks.
Full Mood Board Virtual Consultation
This is a five to seven page digital presentation which includes a color consultation, plus a collage of furniture suggestions. We’ll lay out your floor plan for the room as well as include ideas for revamping old pieces and suggestions for new ones. Finally, we’ll pick out tons of fun accessories, all within your specified budget. Then you go forth and decorate!
Mini Mood Board Virtual Consultation
If you have all the big pieces but are in need of accessories, rugs and pillows to tie it all together, then the mini mood board is for you. In a two to three page presentation, we’ll pull together everything you need to make your room feel like a home.
If you have general questions about our services, please feel free to fill out the contact us form, email us at or call (919) 817-8771. Contact Us to start Enriching Your Home today! We would love to work with you!

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