Marvelous Monday – qARt Code Project

Marvelous Monday qART Code Project

Those that have been living here in Raleigh, NC for a while have seen our downtown area go from “hide your kids, hide your wife” to “there is so much to see”! I love a bit of adventure, but even I stayed away when I first arrived back in 1998. The Raleigh qArt Code Project  is one of the examples of how far we have come!

What is it? 

Wouldn’t you love to know what the meaning behind a work of art was or to hear directly from the artist what their inspiration was? This project allows you to do just that!

Visitors to a dozen sculptures and other works of art around the city soon will be able to get the inside scoop on each with just the touch of a button on their smartphones.

At each site, visitors will be able to scan a “quick response” code, more commonly known as a QR code, which will lead them to additional information about each work of art, including maps, photos and videos. – North Raleigh News

Who created it?

The qArt Code Project is a collaboration between the Raleigh Arts Commission and the N.C. State College of Design Advanced Media Lab.


Copyright Richard Byers Photography

Even if you aren’t from Raleigh, I encourage you to explore your city and dare to dream of how amazing and different it could be!

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