About Alison Crawford Roane

Allied ASID, IIDA Associate

Since I was a small child – as far back as I can remember – I have been imagining how I could change the physical spaces around me to be more pleasing and comfortable. I would lay awake in my bed at night and imagine building an addition onto my bedroom.

I have also always been interested in helping others. With a degree from Meredith College in Interior Design and 8 years of experience under my belt, I am equipped to do just that!

I have friends and family that wanted to live in a beautiful, well thought out home, but they felt that they simply couldn’t afford it. A client recently told me that she spent less money working with me than if she had gone out on her own. I like to think of myself as an Interior Designer for the budget-minded.

I have worked on a variety of projects over my 8 years – including Retail Design, Kitchen & Bath demos, Bedroom overhauls, Nurseries, even down to helping a customer decide which house would be best suited for renovation.


15 things to get to know me
Nickname: Ali
Location: Raleigh, NC
Education: Bachelors in Interior Design from Meredith College
Favorite color: Aquamarine Blue
Theme song: Sarah McLachlan’s version of “Blackbird”
Style icon: Audrey Hepburn
Design icon: Candice Olsen
Proudest moment: Receiving my first Highpoint Furniture Market Badge with “ACR Interiors – BUYER” emblazoned across it.
Brag-worthy accolade: Getting accepted to the North Carolina State University Masters of Architecture Program
Lowest slump: Dropping out of the program (it just wasn’t for me!)
Arch-nemesis: Anti-Alison (she is very mean to me and wears all black).
Signature catchphrase: Sure, I can help you with that!
Ultimate quote: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein
Totem animal: Cow. Because I hope someday to be as peaceful and in the moment as they are.


photo by julie livingston photography

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