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OUR PHILOSOPHY: Interior Design is often stereotyped as a luxury only attainable for a select few. While an unlimited home decor budget may open up the realm of possibilities, we often find that having a restricted budget can make a more interesting, creative and personal end result. Thanks to the modern market and the internet, we have access to a larger variety and style of products than ever before. Often times, this can create confusion and it may be difficult to decide when to spend more money on a higher quality piece versus getting a mass produced knock-off. Seeing friends struggle with finding things that they love and could afford gave me the idea to start ACR Interiors. We are a flexible, friendly, budget conscious interior design business. ACR Interiors is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Alison Crawford Roane is the founder of ACR Interiors and has worked in the Interior Design field for over 8 years.